our Process

Teamwork - An effective Approach to Successful Recruitment.

Proven Process


Targeted research

Our first step is to speak with the appropriate people in your organization - from Human Resources professionals to individual department personnel - to create a comprehensive profile of both the position and the company. We then develop a candidate profile that includes both the technical and the interpersonal skills that will lead to success in the position and in the organization.

A Full market reach

With your agreement on the search profile, we develop a strategy that is customized to those specific requirements. We have many resources to call upon at this stage of the search, including a well-trained professional staff, our research expertise, and vital affiliations inside the industry. Focusing on companies within the industry and the targeted area, we contact the appropriate individuals in those organizations, and assemble a list of qualified prospects.

A successful conclusion

Once you have made your selection, we become the voice of reality. Acting as a liaison, we assist you in developing a realistic, competitive, and attractive compensation package, and at the same time, we clarify and mange the candidate's compensation and professional expectations.

A Careful screening process

We re-contact a number of those prospective candidates and stimulate their interest in the possibility of a new opportunity. We then evaluate them against the established criteria, and carefully examine their motivations for leaving their current position . . . We interview many more than we refer.